Professional Extracurriculars + Volunteer Work

In order to be a well-rounded professional and to stay well connected in the Customer Experience (CX) industry, I am involved with a number of professional organizations and volunteer initiatives. I have a strong CX voice on social media platforms including Twitter and LinkedIn. Additionally, I share my thought leadership in regards to Customer Experience and Digital Transformation by writing my blog, Tin Cans & String, as well as contributing to a number of industry publications.

I prioritize giving back to my local community as well as professional & change-maker communities. Some of the key organizations I am involved with include:

CX Accelerator, community board member & co-founder of CX Book Huddle

Midwest Contact Center Association, Member

Technovation, Mentor

CreateMPLS, Volunteer

Minnesota Women in Marketing & Communications, Member (previous Board Member)

TeamWomenMN, Member

Habitat for Humanity, Volunteer